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About the Qigong CD by Izzi Soon

Qigong is an ancient Chinese breathing technique that is practised all over the world. Qigong is beneficial for health, longevity and spiritual development but will also increase your energy to focus and revitalise your whole being.

The CD contains practical instructions to help you benefit from improved breathing; it starts with a short Introduction. The second part is ‘The Practice’; this teaches you the importance of self awareness, self reliance and being responsible for your own physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The third part of the CD helps us to deal with stress in our everyday hectic lives. This stress can easily be overcome by doing the ‘Quick Energy Boost’, a series of techniques devised by Izzi Soon that can be performed throughout the working day. These exercises with their light martial arts movements give instant energy and increase personal confidence. The final part of the CD contains music for meditation and contemplation.

CD Cover

The CD is available to buy for $20.00 including postage.

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